In the last six years, we have been together with our daughters in Paris, Malta, Italy, southern France, South and West of Spain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Thailand, Cancun-Mexico, the island of San Andres and Providencia-Colombian Caribbean, Panama City, South Florida and Disney, Amsterdam, Kuala-Lumpur and Singapore more Brazil destinations such as Fernando de Noronha, Sergipe, Recife, Pantanal, Morro de Sao Paulo-Bahia , Beautiful, Victory, Florianópolis and lawn, among others. This was only possible with planning and searching for stay and tickets using the internet. We are a brazilian middle class family and we make our money render ever more, without giving up the comfort and security, because this was all done in the company of our two daughters, Julia and Sofia today, with 13 and 10 years. The experiences they are having will be unforgettable and the pleasure of their company are priceless.

This site seeks to present some of our trips and encourage visitors to make their own roadmaps enjoying the most of the places they wish to visit. Our experiences can be used as a reference to spend the minimum acceptable so that they can perform more and more trips around the world, as well as us.
Our scripts are basically aimed at families with children, as well as us, but can be used for any traveler, of course that you won't find any hint of parties or nightclubs popular to go, but that does not preclude the use of our tips of scripts and procedures.
We want to be a new source of information for those who like to travel with their children and do not want to spend a Fortune with this and also how children see the trips counted in his diaries
Your comments are welcome and we will answer them, if applicable, to the extent possible, is to continue traveling, we have to work, isn't it?
Happy holidays,
Carla and Humberto

January 2017

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